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Video:Decoupage Paper Weight

with Bonnie Zaiss

Decoupage a paper weight to create a unique personal gift that turns a rock and magazine scraps into art. Here are some tips on how to decoupage a paper weight.See Transcript

Transcript:Decoupage Paper Weight

Hi, I'm Bonnie Zaiss for Looking for a unique personal gift idea? How about a paper weight made from magazine scraps and a rock? Decoupage can turn anything into art. All it takes is a little imagination.

Supplies Needed to Decoupage a Paper Weight

We're creating a "Rock of Love" paper weight with a 3-pound river rock, some beautiful sparkly red tissue paper and images cut from a magazine. You'll also need decoupage glue, scissors, a sponge brush, fun stickers and a damp rag for quick clean-ups.

Cover the Rock With Tissue Paper to Decoupage a Paper Weight

Before you begin be sure your river rock is clean and dry. Tear or cut your red tissue paper into several pieces. Brush a light layer of decoupage medium onto the back of the tissue. Handle the tissue with care because it will tear easily. If it does, patching a hole is a breeze. Be sure to have a damp rag handy for quick clean-ups.

Cover the entire rock with the red tissue. Allow about 30 minutes for the background tissue to completely dry.

Decorate the Rock to Decoupage a Paper Weight

Find some images to match the that go with your theme. We chose engagement celebration images including a wedding cake, a diamond ring and pictures of a happy couple. Thin materials, such as magazine images, work best on curved objects like this rock.

When you're done placing your images, brush a final layer of decoupage medium over the entire piece of artwork. Top it off by adding some fun self-adhesive stickers such as 3-D flowers and sparkly rhinestones. Give your artwork plenty of time to dry and you're done.

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