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Video:Hand Print T-Shirt Craft

with Chris Davis

Hand print t-shirts are a fun family craft that will be timeless keepsakes of childhood. Learn how to make hand print t-shirts with your children to minimize the mess, but maximize the fun.See Transcript

Transcript:Hand Print T-Shirt Craft

When it comes to children's keepsakes nothing is more precious than a hand print. You can create a print on paper, with clay and plaster molds, however, saving a child's print on a T-shirt gives you an end result that you can proudly wear.

To Make a Hand Print T-Shirt, You Will Need:

  • A T-shirt,
  • Fabric paint
  • Medium sized paint brush
  • A few plastic or paper plates
  • A fabric marker or pen
  • An old table cloth or some news papers
  • An apron or smock (or old t-shirt will also do the trick)
  • Paper towels
  • Scrap paper

Before getting the paint out, start preparing your printing location. Involve your little ones by having them help spread out the table cloth or newspapers to protect your table. Next have them put on their apron or smock. Be aware that no matter how well you cover the table or your child paint will end up where you don't want it. So keep watch as the project progresses and wipe up as you go.

Let Children Practice Their Hand Print before Painting on a T-Shirt

Squirt a small amount of paint onto the plates. I recommend that you work with just a few colors at a time. Too many options at once can get very messy quickly. Place a piece of scrap paper in front of your toddler. This will be a bit of a practice run. By using a scrap piece of paper you can have your child try a couple of prints so that they are comfortable with the feel of the paint and so that you can judge how much paint you will want to use to get the desired print.Next, dab your paint brush in the paint and paint your child's hand. Try to spread an even amount over the entire surface. Place their hand down on the paper and have them press firmly. Depending on the age of your child you may want to assist at this step. Older children tend not to have a problem, however younger kids usually slide their hand around or close their hands squeezing paint between their fingers. This leads to very uneven prints. With your guidance press on the back of their open hand and fingers to create the print.

Allow Children to Get Creative with Paints for Their Hand Print

After a couple of practice prints your ready to go. Place the t-shirt in front of your child and repeat the hand painting and pressing process. How many prints and where to locate them is totally up to you. You can change colors between prints by wiping little hands clean with a wet paper towel. Kids also love mixing colors as they go. You can do this for fun or use it as a learning opportunity explaining how colors affect one another.Once you have completed your prints use the fabric pen or paint to label the prints as you see fit. Set the t-shirt aside to dry and cleanup your work location. Follow the directions on paint label for care of the shirt. I have found that line drying or tumble dry low helps keep the paint from fading. This project is a lot of fun and if you get really brave strip off your child's shoes and socks and create a few foot prints to go along with the hands.

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