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Video:Camouflage Face Painting

with Robyn Thompson

No army costume is complete without the essential camo face paint. See what colors are needed for army camouflage, and watch how to apply them to the face.See Transcript

Transcript:Camouflage Face Painting

Hi, I'm Robyn Thompson. I am a face painter for, for This is Jonathan, and I am going to be painting him like camouflage. It is very cool to be painted like camouflage, you can pretend you are an army guy and stuff, and if you are in the right place, people can not see you.

Camouflage Face Painting Supplies

Camouflage is a really easy face to paint. I am going to be using water-based theatrical makeup. It is hypoallergenic and FDA-compliant. It goes on with water and it comes off with water, so it is a nice, easy product to use.

Camouflage Face Painting Colors

I am going to be using two sponges to paint Jonathan. On one sponge, I am going to put light green and I am going to put dark green. And on my other sponge, I am going to put a light brown and a darker brown. And this is fun because it looks like an authentic camouflage instead of paint-type camouflage.

Applying Camouflage Face Painting

And what I am going to do, I have got my two sponges, I am just going to dab them in random movements over his face. And in a few moments you will not be able to find him anymore!

You can use green and brown, or you can use beige and black with it -- it kind of depends what kind of effect you are looking for. Camouflage has to be one of the fastest faces to paint, and it is also one of the more forgiving faces, because you just kind of dab it on and you are done.

Now where did he go? Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us at
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