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Video:How to Decoupage a Glass Plate

with Bonnie Zaiss

Learning how to decoupage a glass plate can be very rewarding. Here, see instructions for how to decoupage a glass plate.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Decoupage a Glass Plate

Hi I'm Bonnie Zaiss for

Why Do Decoupage?

Create a stunning piece of artwork with a clear glass plate, some glue and any type of print art from patterned paper to wallpaper scraps.

Supplies for Making a Decoupage Glass Plate

Decoupage is a fun and easy craft that the whole family can enjoy. All you need for this beautiful plate is a clear glass plate – we picked this one up at the dollar store – scrap paper or any print images for artwork. Decoupage medium, a sponge brush or acrylic brush, scissors, a popsicle stick and colored tissue paper.

Instructions for Making a Decoupage Glass Plate

Cover your workspace with newspaper first. And be sure your plate is clean and dry. The plate will be a window to your artwork. You'll be gluing the front of the images on to the back of the glass plate.

Choose a variety of fun shapes and colors. Move your glass plate over the images to determine what you want your final project to look like. Then cut out the images and loosely lay them on top of the plate to create a composition. Now turn your plate over, and take your brush lightly coating the backside of the plate. Next, take your individual images and layer them face down onto the back of the plate so the front of the image shows through the clear plate like a window. Wait for your first layer to dry then continue gluing and layering each image on to the back of the plate. Allow 10 to 30 minutes drying time for each layer.

You can turn the plate over occasionally to check out your artwork. When you're done with your images, take a sheet of color-coordinated tissue paper and cut it to size. Brush another layer of decoupage medium over the entire backside of your artwork then lay your on top to fill in the gaps. Don't worry about wrinkles they add a nice texture to the overall artwork. Trim the excess tissue paper around the outside of the plate. Let everything dry thoroughly and now you're done.

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