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Video:How to do a Cat Face Painting

with RoByn Thompson

A cat design is a great face painting project. See how to face paint a cat that will be sure to impress.See Transcript

Transcript:How to do a Cat Face Painting

Hi, I am RoByn Thompson. I am a face painter for for Sarabelle is going to be a beautiful cat. A cat does not have to be the colors you see a cat in, you can make a cat any color and you can make cats very fanciful. So cats are a lot of fun to paint and a lot of fun to be!

Choosing a Paint

I am going to be using water-based theatrical makeup to paint Sarabelle like a cat. It is hypoallergenic and FDA-compliant. It is important to use safe products when you are painting somebody.

Painting Eyes and Muzzles

One of the defining things about cats are their eyes. Cats have very striking eyes. There is a certain shape to them, it is very triangular. The other thing that defines cats are their muzzles. If you paint eyes and a muzzle, you can pretty much look at it and you think cat, even before you paint anything else. So that gives you a lot of freedom.

Paint With a Sponge

So I am starting by applying orange makeup with a sponge, and it does not have to be in the regular shape that you see cats in. You can go a little crazy and have a little fun! And then we are going to go in with some pink.

Add Swirls and Swoops

I am basically just painting anything that is not already painted. And right under her eyes, trying to get a nice smooth line on the side of her face. And I am going to take my brush and I am going to add some swirls and some swoops, and just make her cat very fancy.

Cat Noses

One of the other defining things about a cat face is the nose. Cats have cute little noses, they are either pink or black. And they have little whisker spots. We are just going to define her muzzle area, just by making kind of like a comma.

Get Creative

And now we are going to have some fun. We are going to do swirls and we will do some teardrops. And we will do some white over the black to kind of make things pop a little more. And we can add dots, and you can pretty much add anything you want to cat faces, which is the reason they are so fun! You can get really creative and people will still recognize it as a cat face, as long as you have the cats eyes and the cat muzzle.

And you are all done! Can you meow?


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