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Video:How to Make a Huge Bubble Wand

with Susan Nixon

See how to make an enormous bubble wand in less than 10 minutes that your kids will love.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Huge Bubble Wand

Hello I’m Susan Nixon with About.com and I’m here with Lindsay today. And we’re going to show you how to make a magic bubble wand in less than 10 minutes. And when we’re done, we’ll show you how to make gigantic bubbles.

What You'll Need

So to start off with you’re just going to need a few basic supplies. And the first thing you’ll want is a dowel rod that’s 3/8” in diameter and about 36” long. After that you’ll need a ring. You can use either a plastic ring or a metal keychain ring. They’re about an inch in diameter.

Then you’ll need flat lead washers. They’re 8 mm and it’s just a really small washer again comes in a nice package. For the top of your dowel rod you’ll need a wooden bead that has an opening a little bit wider than 3/8”. So you want the bead to slide up and down easily on the dowel because this is actually what’s going to hold your rope in place. The last piece which creates the bubbles is the rope that we’re going to use. This is about 3/8” wide and it’s kind of a soft finish so that it’s flexible enough to make great bubbles.

Measure and Cut the Rope

So we’re going to measure our rope and we’re going to make it 4 ½ feet long. Now before I have Lindsay cut her rope, I’m going to have her wrap a small piece of clear tape around the rope. This will prevent it from fraying. And we cut we want to cut in the center of the tape.

So now I’m going to have Lindsay measure down 14” from the first cut edge when she reaches 14 she’s going to pick up her rope, create a loop, fold that loop over the ring. Reach through and pull all the extra string through the loop.

String the Ring

Now we’re going to string the ring through the dowel just long enough so the short end of the rope is almost even with the top edge of the dowel.

The next step is to feed the small lead washer onto the long end of your rope. Now you take the 2 cut edges and match them up to the top of the dowel.

Attach Wooden Bead to Dowel

The last step is to put your wooden bead on the top of the dowel and your going to catch the two edges of each end of the rope. Its get a little tight because that’s what holds your rope in place.

So if you’re making a bubble wand for someone that’s maybe 6 years old or younger and shorter, you might want to cut the dowel rod to 26” in length and the easiest way I find to do this is to use a pvc pipe cutter.

Make Bubble Mix

Now all we have to do is make a batch of colossal bubble mix. So we start with a gallon of distilled water. And to make room to put all the ingredients in, we’re going to empty out 2 cups of the distilled water just into a measuring cup. Set that aside, we don’t need it.

Now we’re going to use 12 ounces of liquid dish soap. And we’re going to close that slowly through the funnel into the gallon jug. The last piece is to add 3 tablespoons of glycerin. And very gently, shake the mixture. Tilt it back and forth 3 times. And you can see all the ingredients getting mixed together without a lot of soap bubbles on top. All mixed and we’re ready to go.

So now Peyton’s ready to wand. I’m going to use some of our colossal bubble mix to out pan. She’s going to dunk her wand all the way into the water then she’s going to lift up the tip and you’ll see the ring we’ll just start pulling back. The weight holds the string open as she gently goes to the left she can make a bubble.

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