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Video:Create Designer Jeans With Bleach

with Susan Nixon

A fun crafts project for any family is to create designer denim using an old pair of jeans and a bottle of bleach. See how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:Create Designer Jeans With Bleach

Hi, I’m Susan Nixon with, and today we’re going to talk about how you can use decorative bleaching to create a design original from a pair of jeans that you already own.

What You'll Need

So to have a great time redecorating a pair of jeans that you already have, all you need is a little bottle with a precise tip that you can find at any craft store, and what I put in the bottle is a liquid dishwashing detergent that has bleach in it. The bleach is what erases the die in the fabric.

Fill Up Bottle With Bleach

So first, we’re going to put a pair of gloves on, because we’re working with a dishwashing detergent that has bleach in it. And next I’m going to fill my bottle. About halfway is probably good. And the next step is to put the lid on. This is a regular lid. And the last step is to add the writing tip, which gives you a really fine line so it looks like a pen when you’re writing. And you’re ready to go.

Draw on Jeans

So take the little bottle with dishwashing detergent, you draw; let it dry. Actually, you could have this at a cool birthday party where you have different friends writing different things, or everyone can bring their own pair of jeans and walk away with their own party favor, which is an original design.

You can do writing with words and you can make designs. I think this is kind of fun. Write all over, write with your best friend. And when you’re done all you have to do is let it dry first.

Throw Jeans in Washer

So once it dries, you take your jeans and put it in the washer, and go ahead and wash them in regular cycle on cold. So the washer is done, go ahead and grab them and we’re going to put them in the dryer. After it comes out, it gets bleached and looks like this.

Design Ideas

Here’s another cool idea, if you just need a patch, repair something on a pair of jeans, make a jean bag, you can cut up a pair of jeans, decorate each piece separately – you can use these to patch your clothes, add to a jacket or sew them together and make a bag. Be as creative as you can imagine.

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