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Video:10 Decoupage Papers

with Bonnie Zaiss

Learn new decoupage ideas and how to use over ten different decoupage materials. Have fun creating these unique decoupage crafts.See Transcript

Transcript:10 Decoupage Papers

Hi I'm Bonnie Zaiss for Create a piece of art out of your everyday objects with decoupage. All you need are some common household items, a few simple tools and a variety of print materials. We're going to show you how to decoupage with over 10 different types of materials. Be creative in choosing your print materials.

Decoupage Materials

  • newsprint
  • colored tissue
  • patterned cardstock
  • music sheets copied onto parchment paper
  • magazines
  • doilies
  • old children's books
  • cookbooks
  • fabric
  • stickers
  • photographs
  • recycled cards
  • bubble gum wrappers

Decoupage Materials Have Unique Challenges

Each material has its own unique attributes and challenges. Let's take a look at some various projects. Let's start off with a simple clean wooden box. Cardstock is one of the most durable and easiest materials to work with especially on flat surfaces. Use images from birthday cards to photographs. On this box we're also adding gemstones and stickers for a little more sparkle.

The key to working with curved objects is to cut your materials into small pieces. We're using white sparkled tissue paper on this glass vase. Be careful with tissue it tears easily and its translucent. Be prepared to spend extra time for drying and adding several layers when working with white tissue. After the background tissue is dry, use these great images from an old children's book for the top layer.

The red tissue for this river rock is a bit easier to work with. We'll use larger pieces and won't have to layer as much with a darker color. Touch-ups are a breeze with this delicate material. Simply fill any tears up with another layer.

Colorful Patterns Decoupage Materials Add Depth

Magazines offer lots of opportunities to find colorful, sturdy and easy to work with decoupage materials. This ordinary wooden napkin holder is full of flavor with fruit, wine and vegetable images salvaged from old cookbooks and magazines.

A plain wooden container evolves into an artsy jewelry box with multi-colored doilies and beautiful illustrations and photos found in magazines and sales inserts. Doilies can be delicate so handle carefully – the results are worth the extra effort.

Recycle for Unexpected Decoupage Materials

Lovely fabric combined with an inexpensive bandana livens up a humdrum black & white photo frame. Expect frequent clean-ups because fabrics tend to stay with sticky fingers. Be sure to paste down runaway threads before returning the photo to the frame.

Print old music sheets on parchment paper for a beautiful effect. Be sure your copies are completely dry to avoid unsightly smears. Embellish this simple pencil holder even more, with some left over adornment salvaged from an old shawl.

Newspaper offers lots of interest from weather maps to bold headlines. Take extra care with this delicate material that can tear and smear easily.

A candy dish goes from simple to dramatic with these fun bubble gum wrappers. Wax paper glued on ceramic can be a slippery challenge. Tackle the curves first. Then fill in the center with the rest of the wrappers.

Have fun and be creative. Remember, you're only limited by your imagination. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at
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