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Video:Toys for Pet Rabbits

with Linda Thibault

Rabbits make wonderful pets and can be very playful, as long as they have the proper toys. Here's an overview of the rabbit toys that will make your pet the happiest.See Transcript

Transcript:Toys for Pet Rabbits

Hi! I'm Linda Thibault with About.com, and today, I'm going to tell you about toys for your pet rabbit. We are at Hop Along Hollow Rabbit Rescue in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Make Sure You Buy Safe Rabbit Toys

Rabbits make wonderful pets and many owners are surprised to find out how playful their rabbits can be. Most rabbits will appreciate a selection of fun toys. Toys will help keep your rabbit physically active and prevent boredom. A bored rabbit is much more likely to become destructive or even depressed and overweight. Deprived of toys and play things, your rabbit may turn to your furniture and other belongings as chew toys, or even dangerous things like electrical cords. Toys must be safe for your rabbit. You will need to experiment to see what toys are best for your rabbit.

Different Options for Rabbit Toys

You should avoid toys made of materials that your rabbit likes to chew and eat. Watch for soft rubber items or plastic parts that can be eaten and cause gastrointestinal problems or blockages. Some baby toys make great toys for rabbits, especially hard plastic rings and rattles. Also, hard cat and parrot toys, such as balls with bells inside, make great rabbit toys. It is a good idea to have some toys that remind your pet rabbit of the great outdoors. Construction cardboard tubes are one of a rabbit's favorite toys. They like to get in them and roll. It fulfills a natural instinct for burrowing. Rabbits spend a large portion of time underground. Cardboard tubes also work well when you are bunny-proofing your house because you can put them behind your couch and you know that little teeth are not destroying the back of your couch. It's safe for the bunny and it’s safe for your furniture.

Fill Rabbit Toys With Hay

While your rabbit will likely enjoy shredding paper and cardboard, make sure he or she is not ingesting much of it. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls make great toys. You can find rabbit-specific toys online. Many of these are made of untreated wicker and you can fill toys with Timothy hay for added enjoyment. A huge variety of items can make good rabbit toys. Be creative and pay attention to how your rabbit likes to play, and you may come up with ideas of your own.

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