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Video:Is Your Snake Male or Female?

with Chad Brinkley

Want to learn how to tell if your snake is a male or female? This video will teach you what to look for when figuring out a snake's gender.See Transcript

Transcript:Is Your Snake Male or Female?

My name is Chad Brinkley. I am the Manager of Scales N' Tails here is Colorado Springs and I am going to show you how to identify if your snake is male or female.

Ways to Tell if Your Snake Is Male or Female

There are three ways to know if your snake is male or female. One is probing, the other is popping, and the other one I recommend for especially newbies is looking for spurs.One way to determine the sex of your Ball Python is by looking at spurs. But it's not always a 100% guaranteed, you can get a false sex. These are the spurs. This is what's left of a pelvis of a snake. During breeding males will take these spurs and rub them and tickle them across the back of a female to induce breeding behavior. So, typically the males are the ones who have bigger spurs but in this case, this female is protruding bigger spurs.

Probing a Snake to Find Gender

When probing a snake, it can be very dangerous for the snake, so I don't recommend it for someone who isn't experienced. A lot of your vets and/or shops or a breeder for more experienced, is this probably a better method for them to use, and if you talk to them, they will usually do it for you.With certain species of snakes, you can actually tell the sex of the snake by the length of the tail such as these Colubrids here. This one right here is a female; this one right here is a male. If I line up their vents to the same area, you can see the difference in tail length.

Probing is the only accurate method to use to make sure you got 100% positive as to the sex of your snake. And these are the tips for knowing if your snake is a male or female.

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