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Video:How to Keep Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

with Sue Clavin

Keeping pot bellied pigs as pets can be a challenging but very rewarding experience. Here are some tips on what to expect when keeping pot bellied pigs as pets.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Keep Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

Hi, I am Sue Clavin and I am here for About.com. I am a volunteer with the Pig-A-Sus Homestead Sanctuary in Western Colorado and I am going to speak today about pot bellied pigs as pets.

What Is Raising a Pot Bellied Pig as a Pet Like?

People need to know that raising a pot bellied pig is like having a two-year-old in your house every single day. They want to explore; they are very curious. They are friendly; they are loving. Pigs are really good pets because you can train them to do a lot of things. They can be trained to walk on a leash; they can be trained to play with toys.

Socialize a Pet Pot Bellied Pig

They want to be considered a member of your family, so it's really important for the owner to socialize the pig, so the pig doesn't become aggressive. Sometimes a pig will compete with the owner for who the alpha pig is in the household. A pig will do anything for food -- they are just little vacuum cleaners. It's really important if you are going to have a pig as a pet to have it spayed or neutered so that it makes a much better pet.

Considerations Before Getting Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

There are a lot of things to consider before getting a pot bellied pig. Number one, you want to make sure that the city or county where you are living will allow pigs. Do they have a weight restriction? How many can you have? Some places allow one; others allow two. You want to make sure you find a veterinarian who knows about pot-bellied pigs in the place where you live. They can get aggressive at times; so if an owner is not willing to work with the animal continuously, they are finding that now they have an animal that they really don't want anymore.

Cost of Buying Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

There are a lot of pigs out there that won't cost you a penny because they are in these pig sanctuaries, and you might be able to adopt one for free, or for $50 or $100, just like you would adopt a stray dog or cat. If it is a designer pig, it can sell for anywhere for $500 to $2500.

Size of Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

Pot bellied pigs may fit in your purse as a little piglet, but the reality is they will continue to grow, they will continue to add weight until they are three years old, at least, averaging about 110 to 125 pounds. I have seen them as small as 50 pounds, but I have also seen them as large as 200 pounds.

Tips for Feeding Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

It's usually best to get them on a routine where you are feeding them once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. A balanced pig diet will include a pot-belly pig chow that is supplemented with fruits and vegetables; it may include ground corn. Pot bellied pigs will average between 12 and 15 years of age; some of them will live longer and I know some that have lived to be over 20.

Keep a Routine for Pot Bellied Pigs That Are Pets

You do want to put them on a routine. If they live in your house you do want to take them outside to do their business. Usually the mothers will housebreak them when they are really young, so pot bellied pigs, just like dogs, can be house trained to go outside, you just have to keep that regular schedule for them. Some pigs want to live outside all of their lives. So if you spend time with your pig, like you might spend time with your dog,or with your cat, even take it out for a walk; you are going to find that your pig is going to make a better pet.

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