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Video:How to Buy a Pet Hamster

with Lindsey Carrasco

Hamsters make a great pet for a young child, but you should know what kind of pet you are purchasing before you're at the pet store. Check out these tips for buying a pet hamster.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Buy a Pet Hamster

Hi! I'm Jean Chandler from Leesburg Pet Center in Leesburg, Florida. My husband and I have had Pet stores since 1979, and I'm going to show you how to buy a pet hamster.

Find a Healthy Hamster

When you are first buying your hamster you need to definitely pick them up, know that you can handle them. When you're buying a new hamster, you want to make sure it looks healthy, you want to make sure it's not skinny, that it haven't had diarrhea, that its eyes look clear and that it's a young hamster. You don't want to buy an old hamster, because they only live two to three years.

Check the Hamster's Temperament

We do a lot of breeding of our own hamsters, they make wonderful pets, they are a little larger for the small kids, so they are easier not to get lost. They usually mature to about 4 inches; they can get a little robust. In fact, I think the Syrians have better personalities. They tend to bite less. They come in more color varieties and hair coat varieties. You can get exceptional ones that are very, very nice, and that's how to buy a pet hamster.
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