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Video:Guinea Pig Feeding and Diet

with Phil London

New owner of a guinea pig? Learn how to properly care for your new pet with feeding tips and diet restrictions.See Transcript

Transcript:Guinea Pig Feeding and Diet

Hi, I’m Phil London from Pet Guy Central, in Suffern, New York, here for Today I’m going to explain the proper diet for your guinea pig.

Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Feeding with your guinea pig is relatively easy. You want to have a staple diet of your guinea pig pellet which is mostly alfalfa with vitamin C in it. Due to the fact that guinea pigs have a vitamin C deficiency. It’s also a good idea when you’re feeding them some fresh fruits and vegetables, which should be a good part of their diet also, that you want to aim towards fruits and vegetables and things like that, that do have a higher vitamin C count. Such as rose hips or even peels from your discarded oranges and grapefruits and things like that.

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Along with that staple pellet diet you’re also going to want to give them a decent amount of hay every day, as a roughage, to help them kind of digest and pass everything through. They make a nicer mix that has other things in it besides just the alfalfa pellets. Where this one ends up getting into sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and pine nuts and all sorts of other things and corn. And the variety is what is what’s really good for your animal. You want to try to give them as much different types of foods as you can. So, that you can give them as much nutrition as possible.

Feeding Guinea Pigs Hay

Besides your basic pellets you’re also going to be giving your guinea pig your timothy hay. The hay is our general source of roughage. For your guinea pig. It also helps everything move well through his system. You want to give him hay every day. But enough that he finishes it and is still hungry for more food and he still has to go for his staple pellets along with his fresh fruits and vegetables.

How Much Should You Feed a Guinea Pig?

The amount of hay will always vary between guinea pig and guinea pig and you’ll start to know when you get to know your guinea pig what he’s going to end up eating. You start off with your fruits and vegetables. One of the best things to start off with, especially with your guinea pig, is a carrot. It’s not too watery and it’s extremely high in vitamin C.

Always remember as you’re starting to introduce your fruits and vegetables you want to add in the plain oatmeal or the cooked white rice. So that it helps bind them up a little bit from the added moisture of these vegetables. Otherwise, you want to stay with a lot of vegetables that have that yellow orange or red color. Depicting that they have vitamin C in them. Rose hips if you can get them, most health food stores have them readily available. Most guinea pigs absolutely love them.

Offering the Guinea Pig Staple Food

I’m going to wind up putting his staple food right down there in his dish. I recommend about half the dish filled up so that he can always go over and scavenge or trough feed as he needs to. Being that this is his first meal of the day, I’m going to wind up giving him a nice decent amount of hay. This is a small guinea pig at this size so it’s a very small amount of hay. Seeing as I still want him to eat the rest of his food. And as we get to it we’re going to end up chopping his fruits and vegetables and putting them in the other cup up on the other level. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at
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