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Video:Feeding a Tarantula

with Phil London

Tarantulas need a diet of insects in order to stay healthy and active. See our tips for feeding your tarantula a nutritious diet.See Transcript

Transcript:Feeding a Tarantula

Hi. I’m Phil London from Pet Guy Central in Suffern, New York, here for About.com. I’m going to show you the proper feeding and diet for your pet tarantula.

Know Your Tarantula Breed

With all the different types of spiders they all have a slightly different need in the way of their diet. So, you want to make sure that you know what your specific breed of spider is interested in. The Rose Hair here, generally, is what’s considered an insectivore. For the most part, that means, they only eat bugs. On occasion they will be known to eat a pinkie mouse which is a brand new, new-born mouse, but 99% of the time they are only going to eat bugs.

A lot of that appetite is induced by the movement of the animal. The jumping around or activity of your cricket or worm or whatever. So a lot of times you are kind of limited to the choices that you have because of the activity level. Most people just wind up feeding crickets which is ok.

Feed Tarantulas Healthy Crickets

The main thing you want to find out about your food is that your crickets are fed well. Because having such a limited diet, the spider itself, you want to make sure your limited food source has a good varied diet because they will transfer that diet and vitamins over to the spider in turn.

Alternatives to Crickets

Some of them will get into other foods of worms, cockroaches, mammals, being full grown mice. Some even going outward as far as even eating birds and catching those. Also most spiders should be kept alone because they will eat other spiders. And there are the occasion that they will, especially the tree spiders go after small lizards or anything else that may happen to get caught up in their net. So, you’re not really extremely limited to what you’re feeding with them. So you can get a variety. But, you want to make sure again that everything is fed well so that they get the proper nutrition.

Feeding Schedule

Everybody winds up keeping their tarantulas on different feeding schedules. A lot of it gets dependant on the exact temperature of the animal and its specific metabolism. Generally, what most people wind up doing an every week basis of feeding. Where they’ll get a small amount of food and give it to the spider once a week. And he’ll finish it within that day – the next day, sometimes lasting a little bit longer through the week. And then by the end of the week they have finished that set of food. Generally, you want to always have food available for them. They can go a couple of days here or there without.

A Healthy Looking Spider

Your main judging factor on how much your spider needs to eat is that – that back end of your spider is large round and bulbous and if it looks kind of skinny or more grape like – you definitely need to bulk up on your feeding. So, instead of feeding it only weekly, you would pump it up to twice a week.

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