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Video:Feeding Pot-Bellied Pigs

with Amy Kelly

Pot-bellied pigs are known for their appetites, but their diet should be kept in check so your pet pig won't become obese. Learn more about feeding a pot-bellied pig so they are kept healthy and happy.See Transcript

Transcript:Feeding Pot-Bellied Pigs

Hi, I'm Amy Kelly from Kansas City and I'm a pet expert who works at a national pet chain daily. Today we're going to talk about feeding pot-bellied pigs on About.com

Pot-Bellied Pigs are Know for Their Appetite

Pot-bellied pigs do have a good appetite and will eat just about anything in most cases, but you do want to avoid them doing that. So stick to a commercial diet that is designed for pot-bellied pigs, make sure it is high in Fiber and is enriched with Selenium and Vitamin E. If you do feed food that is meant for farm pigs rather than pot-bellied pigs, make sure you do it only in ration because that could lead to obesity. So only give them enough to get them by.

Use Food Specified for Pot-Bellied Pigs

In the meantime you want to stock up on products that are made specifically for pot-bellied pigs. Great companies are Mazuri and Heartland Pig Products. Look into those because they have those high fiber products they need.You're going to want to feed your pot-bellied pig about two times a day up to two weeks old. Give him about two cups a day or on an as needed basis, because they really do need those nutrients in those formative years. After six months to a year you want to cut that back to reduce the risk of obesity. And do it about every 25 pounds a half a cup, and that is exactly how much food they will need to get by.

Snacks for Pot-Bellied Pigs Should be Low Fat

There are quite a few treats you can give your pot-bellied pig. As a rule of thumb, keep it low fat and unsalted preferably. So if you could do unsalted popcorn or cheerios, they love those. Also avoid chocolate and sometimes they do like cheese as well, but again, keep it low fat and limit their portions.

If your pot-bellied pig is resisting food you may want to moisten the commercial food with a little bit of fruit juice to temp them over. It will make it a little bit tastier. If they continue to refuse to eat at all then definitely check with a veterinarian, because there could be a more serious condition at hand. The main feeding issue with pot-bellied pigs is going to be obesity because they do have veracious appetites. Be sure to keep their food in rationed portions and they should do great.

For more information of feeding your pot-bellied pig, be sure to check us out on the web, at About.com.

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