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Video:Quick and Effective Cardio Workout for Heart Health

with Leslie Nesbitt

Learn how to get your heart rate up and burn serious calories in just a few minutes with this quick and powerful cardio workout.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick and Effective Cardio Workout for Heart Health

Hi, I'm Leslie Nesbitt for Health. Today we're going to learn a quick Cardio work out that you can do and I recommend you do this once you're warmed up.

Quick Cardio Workout- Overview

I'm going to show you 4 moves and basically you want to do them one after the other and you want to make sure that you can talk easily while this is going on. Cardio work helps to improve the lungs and the heart. Music can also be a great motivator.

Raising your Heart Rate

So let's keep the knees soft and we're going to come into half jacks. If you want to you can do the full jumping jacks but it's a little easier on the shoulders to do the half jacks.

Kickboxing for Cardio

Some of us really like those kickboxing moves so balance on 1 foot and we're just going to tap down as we extend with the roundhouse kick to the side. Keep breathing deeply and then of course you want to switch to the other side and go for it as well.

Now let's move from this into a knee lift with a little jog in between for three so it's lift, jog in-between, lift. You can add the arms if you want- If you want, you can press it on up over your head. No problem.

Cardio Workout- Squats

Let me show you another great move that's great for the legs. We're going to squat back and lift to the side. Same thing on the other side. If you want a little bit more here you can incorporate a bicep curl. When you come into your squat make sure that you're sitting back to those heels.

Breathing deeply, go ahead and repeat those moves to fill the time that you have for your cardio workout.

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