Tone your Thighs, Buns, and Entire Lower Body with these Squats and Lunges Video
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Video:Lower Body Toning with Lunges and Squats

with Leslie Nesbitt

Tone and strengthen your thighs, buns, and entire lower body with these squats and lunges.See Transcript

Transcript:Lower Body Toning with Lunges and Squats

Hi, I'm Leslie Nesbitt for Health.

Setting up your Squats and Lunges

Today we're going to look at thigh strengthening and toning and the 2 best ways to do that are lunges and squats. Let's start first with lunges. Feet are hip-distance apart. Shift your weight to your left foot and step back with your right. Picture yourself on railroad tracks not on a balance beam. That's going to help you with your balance.


The back heel is lifted, shoulders are right above the hips, and as you go into the lunges, breathing, engaging those abdominals. Shoulders are down and relaxed. I'd recommend 15 reps for beginners, twice that for intermediates, three times that for advanced.


Second let's go to squats. Stepping hip-distance apart, dropping your weight back into your heels, the toes are light. Now, common problem here is letting the knees come more forward than the toes. That can put a lot of pressure on the knees and it takes work away from the thighs and the glutes. So drop that weight back to the heels, breathing, 15 reps for beginners, twice that for intermediates, three times that for advanced.

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