Stretches to Open the Hips and to Prevent Hip Pain and Injury Video
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Video:Stretches to Prevent Hip and Pain and Injury

with Leslie Nesbitt

Learn how to safely increase hip flexibility to prevent hip pain and injury.See Transcript

Transcript:Stretches to Prevent Hip and Pain and Injury

Hi, I'm Leslie Nesbitt for Health. Today we're going to show you three great hip openers.

Importance of Stretching for Hip Pain

This is a really important part of your work out and your stretching. The hips become very tight and congested, especially as we age. And that can lead to injury. so take some time, breathe deeply, and let me show you a couple of hip openers.

Positioning for Hip Pain Prevention

Now I'm seated in a simple cross-legged position. From here start to walk the fingertips forward. Drop the chest down toward the shins and let the chin drop about half-way down to the chest.

Advanced Hip Moves

For some people this is enough. If you need a little more you can walk forward so your chest is actually lying down on the shins.

When you come out of it make sure you come up very slowly. And then of course we want to re-cross to the less familiar side next and repeat the same move.

Frog Pose for Hip Pain Prevention

Now let's go into a modified frog pose. This is a little more intermediate. I'm going to have you put the toes together, the big toes, and we're opening the knees up just as wide as you can.

Variations on Frog Pose

If you have tender knees you can always pad them with an extra towel or mat. Now in this position if you're just starting out, sitting up is just fine. If you need a little more you can come down to the forearms. Also remember to drop your hips and bottom back toward your heels. If you need a little bit more from here, you can walk the hands forward, drop the forearms perhaps to the floor, or line those ears up with the arms.

Once again you want to come out of this very slowly. Taking care with those hips.

Final Hip Pain Prevention Stretch

The final move, this is a little more advanced. Come onto the hands and knees. Cross one knee over the other and make sure that one knee is on the floor. The most important part here is to move slowly. Open your feet up as wide as you can and then start to drop your bottom back to the floor.
For many of us this is enough in this position. Now you can modify it by taking a blanket or a block and placing that between those feet that are opened up so that as you sit back you have some support.

Listening to your Body for Hip Pain Prevention

Your body's always going to tell you what to do so just keep listening to it. For many of us this is enough of a hip opener, breathing deeply 4 or 5 times. If you need a little bit more you can come forward, chest over that front knee, holding and breathing, that's really going to open up and stretch those hips.

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