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Video:Strengthen and Tone with this Fast Ab Workout

with Leslie Nesbitt

Improve the speed and effectiveness of your ab workout by using an exercise ball instead of a flat surface. See how quickly you tighten and strengthen your abs with this ab workout.See Transcript

Transcript:Strengthen and Tone with this Fast Ab Workout

Hi, I'm Leslie Nesbitt for About.com Health and today we're going to look at toning that Abdominal area, the core muscles for the body.

Ab Workout Positioning

So I've got an exercise ball here and I'm going to take a seat midway between the sides of the ball.

Curl-Down Ab Workout

Once you're there plant your feet on the floor firmly. Don't let them move- they're about hip distance apart and we're going to do Ab Curl-Downs.

Place your finger tips across your chest and on your shoulders or lightly across the base of the neck behind your head.

Advanced Ab Workout Variations

Remember the head's dropping back into the fingertips, the fingertips are not dropping back into the head. So with that in mind let's curl down into the tailbone, taking it down to a level where you can come back up again. Now that may be half way, or if you're a little more advanced it may be all the way down to the shoulder blades. Or if you're very advanced and very strong you can go all the way back to the tops of the shoulder blades and squeezing up, make sure you're breathing the entire time.

I'd recommend 15 reps 2 times for beginners with a rest in-between and if you're advanced go for 3 reps of 15 instead.

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