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Video:Zumba Workout for Abs

with Latoya Patrice

Zumba workouts can flatten your abs by targeting your core during the Latin styled dance routine. Watch this About.com video to learn some Zumba moves to tone your abs and burn up calories.See Transcript

Transcript:Zumba Workout for Abs

Hi, my name is Latoya Patrice, a licensed Zumba fitness instructor and we are here with About.com at the Blissful energy yoga studio in Tigard Oregon. Today, we’re going to be talking about some Zumba fitness moves especially for your abs!

Engage Your Abs During Zumba

With Zumba fitness one of the wonderful things about it, is that really any of the moves you’re doing you can get a wonderful ab work out.

Specifically we are looking at the Cumbia dance because with the Cumbia you're bringing your upper body forward a little bit as you’re squatting a little with your legs.

Zumba Steps to Target Abs

And you are bringing one leg forward and backward and moving your hips side to side to really crunch the side abs.  You can do that both on the left side and the right side to really crunch the side abs.

And so what I love about this, is that not only am I squeezing my abs and I'm working on them by moving my body side to side, I can also lift my legs up and I’m crunching the same muscle group.

Maintain a Tight Core

It is key that you remember to keep your core tight during Zumba moves, because not only will that enhance the work-out that your ab muscles are getting, it's also going to protect your back.

In terms of how long it takes to see results, you are burning calories from the minute you start moving your body. so combined with a healthy diet, you could start to see results very quickly.

There are people who have lost hundreds of pounds doing Zumba alone. Thank you for watching if you’d like more information about fitness, stay right here on About.com.


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