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Video:Weight Gain and Exercise

with Antonio Sini

Weight gain can be a natural effect of exercise, especially when trying to gain muscle mass. Here are some tips for weight gain and exercise.See Transcript

Transcript:Weight Gain and Exercise

Hello, my name is Antonio Sini with Nimble Fitness here in New York City with About.com, and today we’re going to talk about the basics of weight gain and exercise.

Weight Gain Occurs as Muscle Mass Grows

When you initially start weight training you may notice your body weight increase. This is a sign that the body is building muscle. But in order to do so, you have to make sure you are taking in enough calories to let the body repair itself and build muscle mass.

Exercise Plus Diet Help Weight Gain

Exercise alone won't help you gain muscle mass. You're going to have to eat the proper foods. This means lean proteins, fish, chicken, lean meats, complex carbs, sweet potatoes and many vegetables.

Consequently, if you're not taking in enough calories, the body is not going to build enough muscle. Everybody's calorie needs are different. In order to put on muscle, you are going to need to increase your calories. To determine how much, I suggest you consult a nutritionist or a personal trainer.

Exercises That Can Help With Weight Gain

If you want to put on muscle and gain weight, there are three exercises that can help you do this: the bench-press, the squat and the dead-lift -- three of the most effective muscle building exercises you can do.

One is the Bench-Press. You want to make sure that your form is good, your back is not arched, and you want the weight to be relatively heavy. Anywhere from six to eight reps with a good size weight will be perfect.

Squats and Dead-Lift Exercises Help Weight Gain

Another great exercise for putting on muscle is the squat. Again making sure your form is correct, your spine is neutral, your abs are tight, your chest is up and your neck is nice and neutral. Keep the weight high, the reps low, and the intensity strong.

Third and last is the dead-lift. This compound movement hits all the muscles of the lower body, as well as the back, the spine, the abdominals, and the legs. Again, keeping the weights relatively high, the reps low. Remember, it’s all about volume and intensity.

These are just the basics of weight gain and exercise. To learn more visit About.com.
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