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Video:Upper Body Workouts at Your Desk

with Terri Walsh

Learn these upper body workouts that you can do at your desk, so that you can remain active even during the workday. Here are easy upper body workouts at your desk.See Transcript

Transcript:Upper Body Workouts at Your Desk

Hi, I'm Terri Walsh, owner of Art Studio New York City. I'm here for About.com to show you an upper body workout you can do in your office.

You can do this upper body workout with two water bottles and what you're gonna do is 20-30 repetitions and do a mini circuit.

Do Curls for an Upper Body Workout at Your Desk

Take your water bottles and put them by your sides and you're going to curl, push, pull take your upper body down and drop down then open out to the sides, drop down, curl, push, pull. Chest out, navel down, arms out to the side, curl, push, pull, down, out, in.

Do Push-offs for an Upper Body Workout at your Desk

Next place your bottles down, thumbs go underneath your butt -- slide yourself off the chair, bend your elbows, pull your chair down and pull your navel back. Support yourself with your feet and make sure it doesn't roll.

Create a Circuit for an Upper Body Workout at Your Desk

You'll do 20-30 repetitions here, then sit back on your chair, grab back, lean back, pull your navel in and pull your knees up. 20-30 reps here and then do the whole things again.

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