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Video:How to Do Neck and Shoulder Tension Exercises

with Carrie Wise

Neck and shoulder tension exercises can help relieve pain in your upper back, often incurred while sitting at a desk all day. Here are some neck and shoulder tension exercises you can do at your desk.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Neck and Shoulder Tension Exercises

Hi, I am Carrie Wise for Working at the computer for extended periods of time will often leave you feeling tension in your neck and shoulders. Here are a few quick exercises you can try to help release the tension.

You can either sit or stand to do these exercises. If you choose to sit, keep both feet on the ground and you will want to have good posture. If you decide to stand, keep your feet about hips width apart.

Before we start, it is important you consult your physician if you have any health concerns. Be mindful while doing these exercises. If you feel any pain or discomfort, then stop.

Side Looks

First, you are going to look to one side, then center, and the other side and then back to center. Continue doing this, looking eight times to each side. When you have completed eight repetitions, and then return to center.

Up and Down Looks

The next exercise is similar, but this time you are looking down then center, and up then center. Continue this exercise eight times, and then return to center.

Shoulder Rolls

Bring your shoulders forward eight times, and then reverse the direction and roll your shoulders back eight times. Come back to center when you are done.

Neck Rolls

While doing neck rolls, be mindful of your breathing. You will exhale as you move your head towards each shoulder, and inhale as your draw up to the shoulder. Repeat this motion moving to each side eight times, and then return to center.

Tense and Release

Inhale and tense your shoulders up, hold for a couple seconds, and then exhale and release the tension. Repeat three more times. Now we will do the same thing, but without the hold in the middle. Breathe in and tense up, then exhale and release the tension. Complete eight repetitions, and then return to center.

Side Neck Stretch

Take your head over to the side and with the opposite arm slowly push down. Hold the stretch for about 8-10 seconds. Then you will slowly move your head to the opposite shoulder and repeat on the other side. Repeat once more on each side, and then slowly return to center.

Now you know a few ways to help release the tension, so hopefully these have helped. The next time you are feeling stiff in the neck and shoulders, get up and for a few seconds and do these exercises. Thanks for watching. Log onto for more great videos.
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