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Video:Resistance Bands Exercises to Tone Abs

with Margie Weiss

Resistance band ab exercises tone your core and improve abdominal strength. Learn basic and advanced resistance band ab exercises to add to your workout routine.See Transcript

Transcript:Resistance Bands Exercises to Tone Abs

Hi! I am Margie Weiss from Body By Weiss. Today for, we are going to work a toning exercise for your core using resistance bands.

Simple Resistance Band Exercise

Resistance bands are simply tubes with a handle attached, so they have a lot of versatility. We are going to take this tube; we are going to put it over a foot. Why we are sitting up nice and tall? Because the muscle we are working is around the center of the body, there is a bunch of them. The obliques are diagonal downwards in the front and the back, transverse muscles, the intercostals among the ribs. So the object here is to sit up nice and tall.

Weiss is going to do the slightly harder version. I am going to do the slightly easier version. The easier option, take one hand straight out in front of you, that's going to allow the tube to relax here. This is your base position; you are not going to go beyond that on the way back. You are going to be pointing this direction.

Advanced Resistance Band Exercise

If you are a little more advanced, you can have one hand using both parts of the tube, double resistance. What we are doing is going away from the tube and coming back in a controlled manner. You want to be sitting up on your two glute bones; we don't want to be all saggy. So don't have your legs so wide that you can't sit up tall.

Lift your arm in position and your shoulder low and your belly tight, belly to your backbone. Squeeze your glute bones just a little bit, you are going to slowly move away from the tube and then slowly come back to center. If the tube goes limp, you have gone too far.

As you get further into the exercise, you are going to start to see her arms start to shake. That means she is about at the end of the exercise. Once she finishes that side, she is obviously going to lift that tube, or to the other foot, because we have got two sides.

Again, sitting up tall, pulling away and coming back, same thing on each side. So for three different muscle groups in the core, we have used them to tone, using the resistance band today.

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