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Video:Kick Boxing Punches

with Ann Erik

Kick Boxing is a great form of exercise, but to maximize benefits of any exercise, you must observe proper form. This Video demonstrates the proper form for four basic Kick Boxing Punches: the jab, the right cross, the right hook and the uppercut.See Transcript

Transcript:Kick Boxing Punches

Hi, I'm Ann Erik for Health.

Kick Boxing Work Out

Kick boxing has become one of the most popular forms of exercise in America. Based on Karate, kick boxing uses a series of punches and kicks for full - body workout
However, as with all exercise, you must observe proper form to maximize benefits and minimize the potential for injury.

Kick Boxing Stance

First, proper body positioning.
A traditional stance is a horse stance. Feet shoulder width apart, knees soft, weight in your heels. Shoulders down and relaxed, elbows by your side, make a soft fist.
Remember that all movement originates in your core - the abdominal muscles and the muscles that extend along your spine.

When doing your punches and kicks, never lock out your joints - this can lead to injury. Always keep a slight bend in the elbow.

There are four Kick Boxing punches:

Kick Boxing Jab

The jab comes straight out in front slightly crossing the center line of your body.
Make sure you're not overextending your elbow. Keep your punches shoulder - level.

Kick Boxing Cross Punch

You pivot slightly, turning same-side knee in slightly. You have to use your body, pivoting on your toes.

Kick Boxing Hook

Your elbow comes up, crosses your body, as if sweeping everything off a high shelf - in other words, remember to keep your elbow shoulder-level.

Kick Boxing Uppercut

When doing the right uppercut you take a slight dip in the right knee the fist comes across the body and drives up from the underneath.

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