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Video:Exercises for Abs Plyometrics

with Michelle Beaumont

Ab plyometrics can tone your midsection and build power in your core. Learn how to do a cross jump, frog jump and combination ab plyometrics to work out your core muscles.See Transcript

Transcript:Exercises for Abs Plyometrics

Hi! I am Michelle at Michelle Fitness. I am here for About.com today to demonstrate plyometric abdominal exercises.

Cross Jump Plyometrics

The first exercise that I am going to do is called a cross jump with the bosu. This is going to work for side or external oblique muscles.

We are doing this first plyometric abdominal exercise, you want to make sure that your shoulders are in line with your wrist, that your abs are nice and tight and your feet are grounded behind you.

As you hop to the right, you want to contract your abs, hop back and then contract them on the other side. Again, using control movements and using your core.

Frog Jump Plyometrics

Well, the second exercise I am going to be doing is frog jumps. You want to squat down into a demi-low position, hop up, contract, come back down, hop up, knees up. You've got to use your core, stay nice and tight and lift.

Combination Plyometrics

Now for third exercise, we'll be doing a combination movement on the mat. The key to successfully doing this exercise is lengthening your neck, holding your palm straight, grounding your shoulders, engaging your core by pressing your entire spine down.

You'll inhale; draw the knees in, project them up and extend as high as you can, extending out, opening into a scissor and back in. The scissor does not have to be very wide. It can be a small movement. Again, inhaling up, lift your back up and shoot up towards the sky like a jackknife.

And that's our final abdominal plyometric exercise. For more information, visit About.com.
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