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Video:How to Substitute Resistance Bands for Weights

with Terri Walsh

Learn how to substitute resistance bands for weights for a full body workout. Check out these exercises that use resistance bands instead of weights, so you can strength train without dumbbells.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Substitute Resistance Bands for Weights

Hi, I’m Terri Walsh, owner of Art Studio New York City, I’m here for About.com to teach you how to turn exercises with weights into resistance band exercises.

No Weight Bicep Curl

I’m going to teach you how to turn an alternate bicep curl with dumb bells into a resistance band curl. Sometimes you’ll need a resistance band when you are travel and dumb bells are a little awkward to carry around. So what you are going to do is cross your band over your foot and alternate bicep curls with the resistance band, pulling upward. The resistance on the way down, with the band, gives you resistance in two directions. So you will find that placing your foot on the band creates a little more difficulty. Then you can use the bands to change directions and get a little more spice in your workout.

Resistance Band Shoulder Press

I’m going to teach you how to turn a Shoulder Press with dumb bells into a Shoulder Press with a resistance band. Notice that everything goes straight up above the head. Your ribs are closed and your navel is pulled back. When you use the resistance band, you are going to place the band under your toes, flip your hands over, grab onto the band and press straight up over the head. This is simple, easy, and you get a little bit more resistance on the way down. These are two ways to burn calories fast.

Butt Blaster

Not everyone has an ankle weight to complete the butt-blaster exercise. You don’t need one if you have a resistance band. What you do is wrap the resistance band around your foot, grab your handles. Set everything up so that your navel pulls up and your wrists are under your shoulders.  You are going to take that leg and press straight back so you are level with the hip. The navel pulls up and press your leg back. Extend as far away as you can without letting go of your stomach. You want to make sure you don’t hyper-extend your knee or your lower back. You are going to do this in 15 -20 reps on each side in sets of three. That is how you turn a weighted butt blaster into a resistance band blaster.

Resistance Band Squat

I’m going to show you how to turn a squat done with dumb bells or any weight and turn it into a resistance band squat. Take your resistance band, separate your feet as wide as your hips, pull your navel in, grab your hands right up by your shoulders, and squat down and press the floor down. Be sure to pull your navel back as you squat. Thank you for watching, for more information, go to About.com.

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