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Video:How to Find a Proper Sports Bra Fit

with Susan Nethero

Sports bras should fit your body in specific ways for maximum comfort and mobility while exercising. Watch this how-to video from for tips on finding the right sports bra for your body.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Find a Proper Sports Bra Fit

Hi I’m Susan Nethero for and we’re here at Intimacy in New York City to get all the tips on how to find the right sports bras. You know most women struggle with fit, comfort and style, but I’m the Bra Whisperer, and I’m going to give you 5 great tips today.

Get the Right Cup Size for Sports Bra

So the first tip is to always find a bra that's going to be sports bra sized. It's important not to compress the breast with a small medium and large crop top. But actually to get a bra sized sports bra. We go from A to double H cup for Sports bras at Intimacy, and fit in over 90 sizes. So every woman should be able to get a sports bra that’s bra sized.

Second Is you want to have seaming or support around the breast even a side panel is excellent for providing additional structure and support when you’re moving actively in your exercise. You know breast can move 4 to 7 inches, and in and out and we want to reduce bounce as much as possible.

Find a Sports Bra with Underwire

Third You need to have an underwire if at all possible or structured seaming around the cup. This is going to provide stability for each breast so you don’t move as a solid block of tissue but you actually have stability as your moving your arms and jumping up and down and really getting physical

Wear Sports Bras with Adjustable Straps

Fourth tip is you need to have a sports bra that has adjustable straps. Every woman needs to adjust the straps if you’re doing higher intensity exercise you want to make sure your straps can be adjusted to be a little more firm, if you’re doing yoga or stretching you’re going to release the strap a bit.

Find a Moisture Wicking Sports Bra

And finally, we want to have a sports bra that has moisture wicking properties and has anti-microbial that actually draws the moisture from your body when you’re sweating and working out, and of course we want to prevent sweat traps underneath the breasts, that can cause unsightly and uncomfortable rashes.

Thanks for watching and we’re glad that you got some tips today on sports bras but if you’d like to learn more go to, signing off the Bra Whisperer.

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