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Video:How to Do Shoulder Exercises in the Gym

with Carlos Baez

Workout shoulder muscles in the gym with different equipment and positions. Check out these shoulder exercises you can do in the gym.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Shoulder Exercises in the Gym

Hi my name is Carlos Baez. We're here at Colosseum Gym in Newark NJ. We're going to be working with one of my head personal trainers, Earl Nelson.  Today for About dot come I'm going to show you how to use gym machines for the shoulders.

Exercise Shoulder Muscles with a Safe Weight

Safety first, we're going to pick a moderate weight that he can do eight to ten times. And he's going to keep his back flat against the pad. He's going to have his knees at a ninety degree angle. His feet are flat against the ground about shoulder width apart. Go ahead Earl and grab the bar. He's going to come up pushing all the way up and he just exhaled. He's going to inhale on the way down. And blow it back out.

Maintain Proper Form for Shoulder Exercises

And as he's doing that he's engaging his shoulder muscle and his chest muscle. Don't forget guys nice moderate weight. Eight to ten repetitions. Making sure your back is flat against the pad. Making sure your eyes are focused straight. Your head is straight. And he's going to do about two more for us. That's one. Exhale. Inhaling now again. Very nice. His abs are also tucked in. Keep that nice and tight, helps out with your back. Knees are aligned. And one more time Earl. And back up. And there's the exhalation.

Shoulder Exercises with Free Weights

We're going to show you how to use free weights, dumb bells, for your shoulders. My personal trainer here Earl is going to demonstrate that for us. Curl it all the way up to your shoulders. And everything is straight. His chest is up high, his back is straight. His legs are a little bit bent. And he's going to press up exhaling. And he's going to inhale coming down.

He's got a weight that he can do about eight to ten times. You want to keep the weight nice and light. You don't have to go too heavy on this. This is an exercise that you can do at home from a chair. You can do it standing just like this while you're watching T.V. and go back up. Nice.

And once again safety is number one so back is nice and straight. He has a slight bend to his knees and his abdominal are nice and tight. He's going to lock out on time. He's going to come all the way down.

The Exercise Should Burn but Not Be Painful

Ninety degree angle here and come back up. And you can bring it down as far as you can, with comfort. Go ahead. As long as you're not hurting anything or you're not feeling any type of pain. Go up full range of motion. And once again guys you want to keep a nice straight back. Nice and light . Eight to ten repetitions. For more information on exercises please visit About dot com.

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