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Video:How to Do Cardio Hula Hoop Exercises

with Ellie Steingraeber

Want to learn about cardio hula hoop exercises? Here, see information about cardio hula hoop exercises.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Cardio Hula Hoop Exercises

Hi, I'm Ellie Steingraeber. I'm a New York City based circus performer and fitness expert. I'm brought to you by About.com to show you some exercises using the hula hoop for your cardiovascular health.

Cardio Hula Hoop Exercise Ideas

Exercise #1: Interval Training: Start by placing the hoop against your waist. Give it just a little push, take a moment to get comfortable here, and we're going to do some interval training.

We're going to count eight up and down. The first count you want to pick up the speed of your hoop, see how high you can push it up your body, and another eight counts, you're going to slow it down, let the hoop come back down. This is meant to really bring up your heart rate.

Here we go, first set, pick up your speed: two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and down. Good, a couple of sets of those, back up: two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and down. This exercise is going to really get your heart rate going. That was the first cardiovascular exercise I'm going to show you, here's the second.

More Cardio Hula Hoop Exercise Ideas

Exercise #2: Twirling: We're going to try some twirling. Place the hoop back in your hands, go back to the lunge, follow the hoop with your body. Make big sweeping movements, up and down…this will really get your heart rate going because your whole body is working. This is especially effective if you can play some good music that you like, and lose yourself in a twirl. Be sure to experiment with speed, faster, slower, whatever gets that heart rate going.

I'm Ellie Steingaeber from allaboutellie.com. For more hula hoop exercises, visit About.com.

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