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Video:How Do the Tricep Muscles Work

with Terri Walsh

Your tricep is an arm muscle that helps you push. Learn more about the tricep muscles, why they are important, and how to build tricep strength without straining.See Transcript

Transcript:How Do the Tricep Muscles Work

Hi, I’m Terri Walsh, owner of Art Studio New York City, and today I’m here for About.com to teach you about the tricep muscle. I’m going to show you how it works, what it does, and how to tighten it up.

The tricep muscle supports all other types of movement like: pushups, shoulder presses, and any movement where you are supporting your body on your hands. So your tricep is a supporting muscle group that assists in pushing.

Exercise Triceps at Home with Chair Dips

The tricep muscle can easily be worked with any dining room or kitchen chair without arms. What you are going to do is take your hands, place them underneath your butt, slide your body off the chair, make sure you don’t sink down in between your shoulders. Press the chair through the floor. Make sure you have a 90 degree angle with your elbow. Then push the chair down as you lift your body up and down. Breath out, push the chair down. You want to make sure your elbows don’t splay out at the sides and you want to make sure you go all the way up and as far down as you can until you get a stretch in the chest. That is a basic way to work your triceps at home.

Weighted Tricep Extensions

Your next tricep exercise is a tricep extension using a light weight and a kitchen or dining room chair. You are going to soften your back knee, make sure it lines up with your hip. Pull your navel up, drop your arm down. Press the unweighted hand into the chair. Your shoulders go back. Bring your elbow right up next to your hip. Extend the dumb bell backwards, you can give it a twist at the top of the repetition. The shoulders press back, the navel pulls up, this targets all three heads of the tricep muscles.

This tones the back wing area and is a quick, easy way to tone your arms. Thank you for watching, for more information, go to About.com.

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