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Video:Cardio Workouts for Obese People

with Andres Montiel

Try these cardio workouts for obese people to ease yourself into a workout routine, without straining yourself. Here are some good cardio workouts for obese people.See Transcript

Transcript:Cardio Workouts for Obese People

My name is Andres from Hardplay Fitness for and today, we're going to learn some great cardio workouts that are most effective to start losing a heavy load of weight while avoiding injuries.

Getting Started With Cardio Workouts for Obese People

Please be reminded that it is recommended for a person starting to exercise to begin after getting clearance from a physician. Although frequent exercise is known to fight obesity and improve mental health, beginning with as little as 30 minutes of physical activity one or two days a week can have benefits. Regular exercise plus diet may be more effective at helping obese adults improve physical functions.

Overcome Your Fears to Start Cardio Workouts for Obese People

Gyms and public fitness facilities can be extremely intimidating to overweight individuals. If it is possible for you, you may even consider getting a cardio machine to begin using at the comfort of home. If this is not an option consider training at the times where there is less people at the gym. If you just can't bear the idea of walking into a gym, start with a simple and yet incredibly effective workout, walking.

Walking Is a Great Cardio Workout for Obese People

Walking is actually the best way to introduce exercise to your lifestyle. It has numerous benefits, not only for calorie expenditure, but also for keeping the heart, joints, bones, lungs, and body in good shape. It can be done anywhere and at anytime, without the need of equipment. Best of all, you can control the level of intensity by just going slower or faster. Begin slowly and gradually increase your speed for a total of thirty minutes -- as long as you are increasing your heart rate and breaking a sweat, your mission has been accomplished. You can do this about 3 to 4 times a week outdoors, around the block or indoors using a treadmill.

Stationary Biking Is a Cardio Workout for Obese People

Biking is a fun and excellent aerobic exercise that can even also be done at home without putting too much pressure on your back or joints. Adjust the seat so that when you begin pedaling the leg is almost straight as you pedal. Keep your chest up and back straight while you begin pedaling with no resistance to warm up. As you begin to get comfortable, increase the resistance/ or pace in order to burn the most calories. Try sticking to a same schedule as walking and provide at least 30 minutes of light to moderate biking 3 to 4 times a week when you start.

The Elliptical Is a Popular Cardio Workout for Obese People

One of the most popular machines used for overweight individuals with back and joint problems is the low-impact elliptical machine. This machine allows for movements in a natural way, without the strain and impact of running. In some machines you can set different inclinations, resistance and pace of the workout. Start off light and gradually increase speed or resistance for 30 minutes.

Tips for Doing Cardio Workouts for Obese People

The most important thing to remember is to pace yourself, cardio workouts can be extremely exhausting for overweight individuals, but if you begin today, you’re one day closer to a new and improved lifestyle.

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