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Video:Best Lower Ab Exercises

with Donna Zaloom

Want to learn about the best lower ab exercises that you can do on your own? This video will show you how to do effective ab exercises.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Lower Ab Exercises

Hi, I'm Donna Zaloom, owner of Longevity Pilates in Verona New Jersey, and I'm here for to show you 5 great exercises to tone your lower abs.

Lower Ab Exercises With a Ball

We are going to do a killer workout for our abs and we are going to use this little ball. You can buy these little balls online, you can pick them up almost anywhere, they are not expensive. If you don't have one, you can also use a playground ball but these are a little more secure. We are going to lie down on our back and bend our knees. Bring ourselves up into a bridge.

Instructions for Lower Ab Exercises With a Ball

Take the little ball and place it under your low back. It is important that it is under your low back and not your waist. Then you are going to take your shoulder blades our your bra line and press it down into the mat to bring you into a neutral position. You're going to put your hands on the floor and slide your arms forward so that your shoulders are away from your ears and the back of the neck is long. Bring both legs up off of the floor.

Knee Dips

We are going to do some knee dips to start. Once again the knees are locked into place. You are going to hinge that leg forward and bring it back up. Then do the same with the other leg. I would do 10 of each. From here, we are going to make it harder and do it with both legs. Don't expect as much range of motion. Use your breath to help pull that belly in as you bring the legs down and remember to keep those shoulder blades on the mat. From here, we are going to pull one leg in and press the other leg away and then reverse.

Again, it is a change to the single leg bent stretch, doing it with your low back on the ball. Remember, belly pulls to the spine and use lots of control. From here, bring both legs up nice and straight. Bring one leg toward us and the other leg down.

Double Kick

Now we do a double kick. Reverse and do another double kick. Do 10 of each. Really feel your abdominals working, feel your legs stretch. Then you are going to bend your knees, put your feet down on the floor, lift your bottom up, take the little ball and move it out of your way and come down. One of the best all-around ab exercises you can do is a plank.

We are going to start on our hands and knees. Your hands have to be under your shoulders, knees under the hips. You are going to tuck your toes under. Pull that belly in tight. You're just going to lift your knees an inch or so off the floor. Hold it there for a minute and feels those abs, feel your legs work. Then bring both legs back into a full plank and feel your abdominals work. Don't let this happen (demonstrates incorrect position) you are going to hurt your back. You want to stay nice and lifted and hold. For a more advanced version, bring one leg up at a time. You can also rock back and forth. Anyway you do it, you are going to work every muscle in your body. Sit back and stretch.

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