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Video:Beginner Zumba Steps

with LaToya Patrice

Zumba combines the energy of a dance party with the benefits of exercise. Watch this how-to video from to learn some beginner Zumba steps, join the party, and get a sweat.See Transcript

Transcript:Beginner Zumba Steps

Hi, I’m LaToya Patrice, and I’m here at the Blissful Energy Yoga Studio with We’re here in Tigard Oregon and we’re going to talk today about Zumba fitness and some basic steps.

Zumba is Based in Latin Dance

I would describe Zumba as a work out experience that is more like a party. In fact the Zumba slogan is to ditch the workout and join the party.The main steps in Zumba are founded in Four latin American dances: the merengue , salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton

Merengue March is the Basic Zumba Step

With the merengue march it’s important to keep your core tight, and you’re marching in place. You’re moving your feet back and forth and you are holding your shoulders up high and your arms can flow on your side. Or you can bring arms up to shoulder level and you can bring them up side to side to start to work your biceps.

Incorporate Arms to Intensify the Zumba Workout

The other thing you can do with your arms is bring them overhead and start to increase your heart rate even more by having your arms above your heart. We can move forward or move backward while we’re marching to the same tempo.You can also turn in a circle in one direction or turn in a circle in other direction. You can bring your legs out wide and begin to work more of your lower body, and/or your abs.

Zumba Includes Salsa Steps

With the salsa you’re stepping forward and bringing feet together, you’re stepping backward and you’re bringing your feet together. And you’re doing so to the beat of the music.

The salsa dance also has variations that you can add to it. You can do similar arm variations as with the meringue and bring your arms out to your sides, bring them up over your head. You can even add some style with it, you can act like you’re combing your hair and bring your hand around in a sexy manner.

With salsa there’s also the back step and so with that you’re simply moving backwards with one leg and then with the other leg. You’re stepping back to the beat and you’re bringing them together. So right together, left together. You can swing your arms above your head, and back when you go back, and again over your head and back to the other side and go back.

Keep Moving If You Don't Know the Zumba Steps

All I care about is that you’re sweating and you’re smiling. Even if you don’t get the move down that we’re doing at that time, and you’re just moving side to side, you’re still burning calories and that’s what’s important.Thank you for watching! If you’d like more information about fitness, just stay right here on

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