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Video:Beginner Cardio Exercises for Overweight People

with Steve Petersen

Learn a few simple but effective beginner cardio exercises for overweight people so that you can build cardio strength without straining yourself. Here are some beginner cardio exercises for overweight people.See Transcript

Transcript:Beginner Cardio Exercises for Overweight People

Hi, I'm Steve Peterson, certified personal trainer of Steve Sweat NYC for About.com. In this video, I'll be going over some beginner cardio exercises for people who are overweight.

Cherry Pickers Are a Good Beginner Cardio Exercise for Overweight People

For the first routine, we're going to do some cherry pickers. Raise your arms up into the air, then touch your waist, touch your knees, touch your toes. Touch your knees, touch your waist, then back into the air. Move faster as you get better. This can bring up your heart rate and help you shed the calories that you are seeking to burn.

Go On Your Toes as a Beginner Cardio Exercise for Overweight People

Move your legs just like this. You might even feel a slight burn on your calves. You can do this part of the routine between 15-30 seconds. After that, go from side to side while touching your heels together. You can do this for the same duration as well.

Initially we're looking to have 30 seconds of movement like this. Then we can graduate to a minute. From there, to two minutes. Eventually you can build up to move on to more advanced routines.

Use Ropes for Beginner Cardio Exercises for Overweight People

For the next exercise we have two heavy exercise ropes. You can substitute with jump ropes at home. This is more for people who were not able to perform the routines we had gone over earlier. Bend your knees slightly so as to be crouched over. Take the ropes and swing them with your arms.

As you continue, you'll start to feel it in your lower body because your knees are bent. You will also start to feel your cardio-respiratory system start to pick up. Continue to go from 30 seconds to a minute if you can.

Tips for Doing Beginner Cardio Exercises for Overweight People

As you progress and become better at this, you can extend the length of time you exercise in this way. Or, you can crouch over on one leg and move like so. Those were some routines that are good for people who are overweight because they can be done without too much strain, nor do they require a lot of range in motion.

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