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Video:Balance Exercises for the Core

with Terri Walsh

Balance exercises will engage and strengthen your core. By challenging your balance, your core muscles are used to maintain your position to help improve your fitness.See Transcript

Transcript:Balance Exercises for the Core

Hi, I’m Terri Walsh, owner of Art Studio New York City, I’m here today for to teach you balance exercises for your core.

Balance Exercises Engage the Core

Here are a few exercises using simple balance pads that you can do to strengthen your core and work on your balance at the same time. You are going to place you butt on a balance pad. You are also going to use one under your feet as well. Your first exercise in straightening your core, in addition to your balance, is to get used to just being able to maintain an upright position on the balance pads without falling over. You should sit, press your shoulders down, pull your navel back, and then just try to become as still as possible. You’ll want to try to maintain this one for up to one minute.

Balance Exercise with Core Twist:

Once you have this one, the next thing you’ll want to do is add a little something to it. The way you do that is you start to twist. You want to keep your lower body stable by pressing into the pad in front of you. You are going to pull your navel back, keep your shoulders down, and as you become more fluent, you start to alternate.

Balance Pad Exercise with Extended Leg:

Your third exercise will be to pull your leg out. You’re going to pull your navel back, extend your leg, find your balance. Replace your leg, now extend the opposite leg and find your balance. You’ll want to try to do 20 repetitions. Thank you for watching, for more information, go to

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