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Video:How to Do Resistance Band Back Exercises

with Margie Weiss

Resistance band back exercises improve posture and reduce back pain. Here are some basic resistance band back exercises to add to your workout routine.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Resistance Band Back Exercises

Hi! I am Margie Weiss with BODY BY WEISS. Today for we're going to do some toning exercises for the back using the resistance bands. A resistance band is simply a tube with two handles on it.

I am going to do an easy option and a hard option and Louisa is going to help me; she is doing the easier option. For the harder option you're going to put both feet on the tube making sure that the tube is at the center of your front, not at the front, as you don't want the tube to come up the front.

Basic Resistance Band Back Exercises

We're going to lean over to do this exercise. Louisa is going to do the easier option, she is going to put one foot on top of the tube, and she is going put her other foot back, so she is in a lunge position. She wants to make sure that she has her back flat, parallel to the ground and her head is neutral to the backbone. Arms are going to be down; she can lift her arms directly to the side.

You want to be able to get the tubes, so that your arms can come at least parallel to your body, to the fullest of your flexibility. When you come down, if want to make it easier on yourself, let it come all the way down and get a rest. If you don't, you come down about two thirds to the way, and that way the resistance is still there and then you go back up. Obviously, you can do as many reps that way.

The determination in terms of number of reps, when your arms can't get above your back at the fullest range of your flexibility, then you know that you're just working your chest and you're not working your back, you want to be able to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top, so this gets the trapezius and the rhomboideus right across the center of the back.

Angle Arms Backward to Change Position

If you want to change the position, do a different muscle group, we angle the arms backwards slightly, so now we're getting down and underneath the shoulder blade, under the lat versus straight across in terms of the trapezius and the rhomboideus, slightly different muscle groups.

Move Arms Forward for New Position

Third position, you can angle the arms slightly forwards, pressing down on the shoulders. Now you are going to feel it more across the diagonal, like a V in your back. Put your shoulders low, and again your head neutral.

So today we did back muscle work using three different positions, arms directly to the side, angling back and angling slightly forward to get different muscle groups toned in the back using the resistance band.

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