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Video:Skills Required to Be an Event Planner

with Michael Masi

Event planners are required to fill a number of roles when coordinating all different types of events. This video from will describe a number of different skills needed to be a successful event planner.See Transcript

Transcript:Skills Required to Be an Event Planner

Hi, my name is Michael Masi for JCG Events in Miami and today for we'll be discussing the skills required to be an event planner

An event planner is someone who coordinates and organizes social and corporate events professionally in order to ensure that the goals of the event are reached

As an event planner you are required to have the following skills:

Communication and Team-Building Skills

As an event planner, you are required to communicate with many people from many different companies and many different levels in order to execute an event. From vendors to venue coordinators, clients and guests, communication and collaboration are imperative to a successful event.

Time and Project Management Skills in Event Planning

View each event as as its own individualized project and yourself as the team lead. You're going to be responsible for ensuring that all aspects are executed and produced on time. This means that you're not going to be responsible for your own time, but the time of your clients, vendors and guests.

Negotiation Skills

A good event planner would be well versed in negotiation techniques. This is not only important for the success of your own business but is vital for the success of your clients' events. There would be numerous times throughout the planning process in which you're going to be required to negotiate beneficial outcomes on behalf of your client.

Event Planner Responsibilities

As an event planner, you're going to be responsible for:

  • Venue selection
  • Vendor selection
  • Catering
  • Production
  • Gifts
  • Transportion
  • Lodging
  • Destination management
  • Conferences services

Thanks for watching and if you need more information on event planning, please visit

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