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Video:Managing an Event on the Day

with Lindsay Pellegrino

All the planning you've done ahead of time is behind you, so what should you be thinking about on the day of your event? Lots. Find out how to prepare yourself for the day of your event, and what you can do to ensure smooth sailing all day long.See Transcript

Transcript:Managing an Event on the Day

Events can be four-hour events, they can be all day long events. Either way it means we're working from sunrise to sundown and far into the evening and way wee hours of the night.

Hi! I'm Lindsay Pellegrino with Just Perfect Event Planning for, and I'm here to talk about what to look out for on the day of your event.

Be Prepared for Last Minute Changes

Things that usually come up on the fly are last-minute schedule changes, last-minute staff assignments - sometimes food's not quite ready, so you have to stall a little bit. Or maybe the bride's not ready, and you just kind of have to do a little dance. Hey, she's the bride, she gets to get away with it a little bit.

Hire the Right Number of Staff

When we have our hands full, we have a good amount of people helping out. I love to have at least one staff person for every five people, but that's ideal. When you're short-handed, you've got to make the most of everybody - a lot of people wear many, many hats.

Ensure Guest Safety

A lot of times you have to watch out for the safety of your guests. You don't want anyone driving or leaving your event in an intoxicated state that could really bring harm to themselves or others, so we really try to keep an eye on all our guests and if anyone seems not okay, we make sure that they have a safe ride home. Today, there will be no alcohol considering we're having drivers driving at speeds of 200 miles per hour.

Have Gift Bags Prepared

People love gift bags. Whenever they get free stuff, they just eat it up - celebrities are the worst. In some hospitality suites there's a gifting suite, and a lot of gifts go out to the attendants - and that's a lot of fun because you get all different sponsors covering the event, and you get goodies and gift bags to give out. Sometimes, when you have the high-end celebrity events, you get some really good stuff for the gift bags.

Wrapping Up Right

It's really important to wrap out properly and check that everything has been returned that was there in the morning, because there will be charges for those items not returned, not working properly, anything that's been broken. So you really do need to take your time and wrap out properly.

Prepare for a Long Day

And then try and get a good night's sleep, because normally in the day you're on your feet all day long for probably twelve to fifteen hours, most of these events, weddings - any real event there's so much set up involved - you're working a fifteen hour day.

If your client is happy, if the guests are happy, and if I'm not stressed, then it's going very well. But you know what, my stress factor's always on high, so I don't even know if that's a good indicator.

Remember to Stay Flexible

You need to be able to work with all sorts of different personalities and really be able to understand them, and keep your calm, and really be a problem solver, too, because there are problems all day long, and you have to think fast on your feet and just move forward. Keep things going according to schedule.

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