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Video:Proper Business Relationship Etiquette

with Patrick Gilmore

The first step to a building a successful business relationship is to use respect and have boundaries. Learn more about appropriate business relationships in this etiquette video by Transcript

Transcript:Proper Business Relationship Etiquette

Hi, this is Patrick Gilmore with Today I’m going to explain and demonstrate some proper business relationship etiquette you can use when dealing with colleagues and superiors, including what is and isn’t appropriate. 

Face to Face Etiquette

 This includes turning off your phone during meetings, and only using your electronic devices to take notes or conduct other business relevant work. 

Phone Etiquette

 When you’re on the phone, be sure that you identify yourself and your company. You can never assume the person on the other end can tell who you are from your voice alone. Also, if you’re using a cell phone, make sure to the let the person on the other end know. This way, dropped calls and background noise will be more expected. It’s a good idea to keep about ten feet between you and others in a business setting to minimize noise. You could also use an earpiece if available to decrease background sounds. 

Email Etiquette

 It’s important to use blind carbon copies or (BCC) when you’re sending emails so you aren’t exposing unwanted email addresses to other recipients. When composing an email, always try to sum up your business in the subject line so the recipient knows what to expect. Use humor sparingly and only when it’s appropriate, and unless it’s an informal email,avoid using smiley faces and other emoticons. Always carefully proofread each email not only for grammar and spelling, but also because it’s hard to determine tone from an email given there’s no face-to-face context. Never use all caps, because online, this is the equivalent of yelling. 

Social Media Use 

Only use social media sites to market your business by linking to your site or announcing new products or services. Otherwise, tweet and send messages on other social media sites sparingly. These sites shape an image of not only yourself, but also of your business,so avoid posting any messages more than a few times daily. Typically two or three times a day is enough. Thanks so much for watching and for more information on business relationship etiquette, visit!

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