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Video:Learn ESL: What to Expect in a Job Interview

with Alex Jimenez

An ESL student may be anxious for an upcoming job interview. First, take a deep breath, then watch this About.com video on what to expect at a job interview to help your prepare.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn ESL: What to Expect in a Job Interview

Hi, I’m Alex Jimenez, a licensed ESL teacher in New York City.  I’m here with About.com to discuss what to expect in a job interview.

First Impressions at Job Interviews

When you go on a job interview, it’s best to make the best first impression possible.  Here re some tips for you to do exactly that.   When people meet for the first time, they shake hands.  A firm or strong handshake tells the employer that you’re happy to meet them and you feel confident being there.  Making eye contact makes people feel that you’re interested in what they have to say.  Make sure that you maintain that eye contact with your interviewer throughout the interview. 

Dressing for a Job Interview

Also, it’s really important to dress professionally when you go on a job interview.  How you dress is as important as what you say on a resume.  For men, dress in a dark colored suit, matching shirt, a tie, a belt and leather shoes.  For women, wear a business suit or a skirt that’s long enough to sit comfortably in a chair.  Try to stay away from any bright colors or busy patterns.  Conservative shoes, conservative jewelry. 

Selling Yourself on the Job Interview

A job interview will usually begin with the job interviewer saying something like “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”  You should be prepared to speak about yourself for about 1 minute.  Include your education, your background and your credentials.  This is your chance to tell the employer about your job experience.  You should each job activity in detail to let them know exactly what you know how to do and what you learned while you were there.  Try to make connections from your past work experience to the kind of work that you expect to be doing in this job that you’re applying for. 

Research the Company Before the Interview

It’s important to learn as much about the company before going into the job interview.  You could easily do this by going to their website.  This way, when the employer asks you, “What do you now about our company,” you can sound knowledgeable about their products and services.  This will leave a really good impression, because employers like it when job applicants do their homework in this area.  I hope these tips help you do well in your next job interview.  For more information on what to expect in a job interview, please visit About.com.

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