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Video:Learn ESL: Essential Phrases for Job Interviews

with Alex Jimenez

For ESL students, one of the best ways to prepare for job interviews is by knowing essential phrases related to your skills and qualifications. Watch this About.com video to learn more and practice for your job interview.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn ESL: Essential Phrases for Job Interviews

Hi, I’m Alex Jiminez, a licensed ESL teacher based in New York City.  I’m here for About.com to talk to you about essential phrases for job interviews. 


When interviewing for a job, you want to make sure you highlight the most important qualities about you that will be attractive to the employer.  One great phrase to use is "self-motivated."  A self-motivated person is the kind of person who gets the job done, does whatever it takes.  Employers like this because they know you’re willing to teach yourself along the way before asking someone else for help. 

Detail-Oriented and Trouble-Shooter

Another really important phrase is "detail-oriented."  A person who is detail-oriented really pays attention to how a process works from beginning to end, and it shows the employer that you care about the quality of the work that you do.  Employers like to hire people who know how to trouble-shoot.  A good trouble-shooter sees problems that might arise in the workplace and gets to fixing them quickly.  

Collaboration and Computer Literacy

It’s also really helpful to let the employer know that you’re a team player.  Team players work really well together, gladly cooperate with one another and do what needs to be done to help each other complete the tasks to meet project deadlines. 

It’s also extremely important to be computer literate.  Let the employer know what kind of computer hardware and software you know how to use to help you get your job done better and faster.  Be prepared to discuss your job experience on your resume using action words.  For example, instead of saying “I worked with the client to make a web page,” you can use action words to say, “I collaborated with the client to develop a web page.  Using these kinds of words really highlights what you know how to do. 

Explaining Your Interest in the Job

You’ll want to make sure that you explain why you’re interested in the job you’re interviewing for.  You can say something like; I’m interested in this position as a web developer because I’m really interested in graphics and computer technologies.  You’ll also want to explain what it is about this company or organization that you’re interviewing for appeals to you most. 

For example, you can say "Working for downtown youth organization really appeals to me because I love working with children and I believe in this organization’s mission."

Questions to Ask at the Interview

One key question to ask the employer is "What are the day to day responsibilities of this job position?"  Knowing this information can help you to make connections between your prior job experience and the job you’re applying for now. You may also want to ask, "What are the prospects for growth and advancement in this company?" This lets the employer know that you’re ambitious and want to move up.  It’s also important to know if you’ll be receiving any training along the way. 

I hope these tips I’ve given you help you get that next great job.  For more information about essential phrases for job interviews, please visit About.com.

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