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Video:How to Create a Business Name

with Jaclyn Mullen

Want to create a business name that helps to market your product? Watch this how-to video from to see tips for creating an intriguing and suitable business name.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Business Name

Hi this is Jaclyn Mullen, founder of and you are tuned in to Today we're going to be talking about how to create a business name.

About Creating a Business Name

Congratulations! You now want to go into business, which is really exciting. But we do need to come up with that name. So here's a few tips. Number one, come up with about 5 to 10 variations and ideas for your name. I know the first one that you think of might be the one you want to go with, but you definitely want to do your research to see who else in your geographic, let alone on a national level, might in fact already be using that name.

More Tips for Creating a Business Name

Second, once you’ve come up with those 5 to 10 names, don't hesitate to share them with your friends and family to see which has the most likeability.

Three "M's" of Business Names

Then you can incorporate my three M’s. You want to make sure that your name is marketable, manageable, and memorable. Marketable: you definitely want to do your research and see if there are any variations of your business name being used in your geographic area. It is important to know and be aware of the competition so you can differentiate yourself.

Other Things to Consider About Marketing a Business

Another part of being marketable - is your business name visually pleasing? Will you be able to create a logo from it? Is it short and sweet for your consumer, and strategic alliances? When you go out to a networking event and share the name of your company with your contacts are they going to know what services you provide? Make sure that is clear in your name.

Manageable: you want to make sure that the spelling of your business name is not too difficult or too long. You definitely want to keep the business name as simple as possible, especially for e-mail addresses and your domain. Most businesses in this day and age require a URL,so you're going to want to make sure that you can in fact buy the domain, and the e-mail addresses for that business name.

Memorable: another thing - you go out networking, people are going to remember the name of your business, so you want to make sure that it's clear and concise with regard to the services that your business is providing. The most important people that need to make sure that they can find you are in fact your customers, strategic alliances, and other prospects. Will they be able to remember your name? The simplest way to create a business name - don't forget the 3 M’s: marketable, memorable and manageable.

Thank you for tuning into today. This is Jaclyn Mullin signing off.

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