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Video:Find Your Company's Niche

with Laura Allen, 15 Second Pitch

Instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, focus on promoting what makes you and your business unique. Try these tips on how to find your "one thing."See Transcript

Transcript:Find Your Company's Niche

Hi, I'm Laura Allen, co-founder of 15 Second Pitch for We have all heard the old cliche, "jack of all trades, master of none."

The opposite of this is to present yourself and your business as an expert at something specific because people tend to shy away from hiring generalists. They want to hire the very best person to solve their problems for them.

So today I'm going to show you how to choose your one thing to focus on.

Brainstorm on What Makes You Unique

To get started you will need a notepad of paper and a pencil. Step one: Write down what is the most unique quality about you or the product or service that you provide?

Spend five minutes brainstorming on this topic. Is there one word or theme the keeps coming up? Circle that key word or phrase on the paper. This is your focus.

Examine Your Competition

Step two: Make a list of all of your competitors. When marketing ourselves, we all have a competitor, and competitors are good for your business because they help prove that there is a healthy market for your product or service.

Take five minutes to write down every person or business competing against you right now and try to focus your one thing on a need in your field that your competitors are not addressing.

Tailor What Makes You Unique

Step three: Tailor your one thing to make it more effective.

Once you think you know what your one thing is, get out there and start talking about it. And stick with your one thing for at least 30 days. When marketing yourself, consistency and persistence are the best ways to get results.

Take Notes For a Month

Finally, over the next 30 days, commit to taking five minutes before going to bed each night to jot down any thoughts, ideas, or concerns that have come up throughout the day.

At the end of 30 days, sit down and review what you have written each night and take notes of any themes or patterns that emerge. You will be amazed at the insights you see. This will help you better focus your one thing.

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