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Video:How to Write a Thank You Note

with Meghan Lynn Allen

In this video tutorial, our expert shares tips and ideas about how to write a thank you note. See how to easily and painlessly write a thank you note.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Write a Thank You Note

Hi! I'm Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com. Did you ever sit down to write a thank you note and just can't think of what to say? We're here to talk you through it.

Supplies for Writing a Thank You Note

Make sure you start with clean stationery, or a notecard or a postcard is perfectly acceptable - and a blue or black pen. You don't want a colored pen to be the most impressive part of your thank you note. And don't forget - you need to make sure you have the proper postage.

Composing a Thank You Note

Now it's time to write your note. The first think you need to do is greet the giver. Something like, "Dear Aunt Ida," or "Dear Mr. Jones" in the case of your boss. Be specific about what you're thanking someone for. Maybe it was something like a job recommendation, a birthday gift, or flowers that you received at work. And express gratitude. "Thank you so much for that gift. I really appreciated it."

Personalizing a Thank You Note

Make it personal. Maybe you received a gift card and you can express what that money will be used for. Or if it was a special gift, you can say where it is in your home, or how much you adore it every day. But don't make your note too personal. Remember, it's about the giver, not the receiver, so this is not the time to talk about your summer vacation or your promotion at work, it's time to thank the giver for that gift.

Signing a Thank You Note

Sign your note with thanks, with love, sincerely, with warm regards - whatever's appropriate. Pop that letter in the mail and you're all done! Keep your note brief and send it out in a timely manner. One to two weeks is appropriate in most situations.

What are you waiting for? Get writing that thank you note and drop it in the mail.

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