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Video:When to Send Thank You Notes

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Thank you notes are a polite way to show your appreciation for a host. Learn when to send thank you notes and proper thank you note etiquette.See Transcript

Transcript:When to Send Thank You Notes

Hi! I'm Meghan Lynn Allen for So, you need to send that thank you note, but have you waited too long? Or maybe it's too early. You just don't know. We're here to help you: when to send a thank you note.

Situations That Require Thank You Notes

Always send a thank you note to a host or hostess of a party in your honor; in response to sympathy cards, flowers or mass cards; after being entertained by your boss, or as a follow-up to a job interview; and for gifts, whether they be a wedding, a bridal or baby shower, a gift you receive in the mail, or just as a gift of congratulations.

There are other situations that don't require a thank you note, but it's always appreciated: like when a friend helps you with a jam or with an errand; or being a guest at a dinner party; birthday gifts that were received and opened in person, and you've already thanked the giver; or maybe a business contact you met at an event and gave you some good advice. When someone goes above and beyond what is asked of them, whether it be at work or in a friendship, it's always nice to send a thank you note.

When to Send Thank You Notes

Send your note as soon as possible. Be prompt. It's always nice to send your note within one or two weeks of attending an event or receiving the gift. Although better late than never usually applies to thank you notes, it's always nice to be prompt. Remember, a hand-written note should still be sent through the mail, not electronic mail. In a world of e-mails, text messages and tweets, a handwritten note still takes the cake.

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