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Video:How to Make an Edible Baby Shower Centerpiece

with Carmela Cirilli

Want to learn how to make an edible baby shower centerpiece? See these instructions for how to turn a watermelon into a baby carriage for a unique baby shower centerpiece.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an Edible Baby Shower Centerpiece

Hi, I'm Carmela Cirilli for About.com and today I'd like to show you how to make a baby shower centerpiece that's edible--a baby carriage.

Ingredients for a Edible Baby Shower Centerpiece

You'll need a medium to large sized watermelon, preferably one that's oval in shape. You'll need your favorite fruits, I've chosen some some pineapple and I love grape tomatoes. But you can also use strawberries or grapes. You'll need two medium oranges, a peach (which will be optional), and a few lettuce leaves. You'll need about four sturdy bamboo skewers, a marker, a melon baller, a knife with a wide blade, and a knife with a thin blade. And a large scoop and a cutting board.

Instructions for Making an Edible Baby Shower Centerpiece

The first thing you want to do is take your widest knife and just cut off a little sliver and that's going to keep it from rocking bath and forth. Then we want to find the more narrow part of the watermelon. We're going to actually etch the design right here on the watermelon. Etching the rind of the watermelon straight across. Loop midway through. You want to do the same thing here, draw a loop. And to continue on the handle about a half and inch/three quarters of an inch follow that design. So we've done the handle now we want to draw the canopy.

Making the Canopy for the Edible Baby Carriage Centerpiece

Let's do our scallop. You want to finish the scalloped edge of the canopy right around the same level that you had your handle. Go straight across until they meet. Try and cut into the watermelon as straight as possible as opposed to on an angle. Try your best to just use a short sawing motion following the design that you've already done with the bamboo skewer. You want to just cut out large pieces of it. It's helpful to do this in sections. To hollow it out you can use a couple different things. I personally feel that melon ballers take quite a long time. I'm just going to go ahead and take the knife and very carefully working around the design.

So now what we want to do is use this large spoon to finish scooping out as closely as possible to the rind. You want to use about this much for the baby wheels. You want to make them a little bit thicker because they start to get flimsy if you cut your wheels too thin. So keep that in mind--be generous with the size of the wheels. Using these as a guide This looks about right to me. Push that through and you want it to go through to the other side, but I want to guide that as well. So again, I'm going to just judge that here. I'm just going to use those to cap my wheels.

Take the side of the peach that maybe you think has the nicer shape. You want to draw on eyes, a little nose, and a mouth Rest your baby face peach into the blanket of lettuce leaves. Isn't that just adorable? It's been a lot of fun showing you how to make this edible baby shower centerpiece.

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