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Video:How to Make a Floral Arrangement for Christmas

with Danelle Drury Bavel

Create a floral arrangement to compliment your Christmas decorations or make it for a holiday gift. This video shows you the easy steps for a DIY arrangement that looks like it came from a professional florist.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Floral Arrangement for Christmas

Hello, my name is Danelle Drury Bavel, and today I am going to show you how to make a floral arrangement for Christmas.

Materials for a Christmas-Themed Floral Arrangement

  • Red and white candy, enough to fill a vase
  • A clear vase or jar
  • Red and white carnations
  • Fresh flower floral foam
  • Smaller container
  • Ribbon
  • A plastic bag

Prepare the Flowers

First soak your fresh flower floral foam in a water for about twenty five minutes.  If you have flower food mix that in the water first.  Once the foam is quite wet, you can tell when it sinks to the bottom of the container take it out and place it in a container that will fog easily inside your vase such as a glass or piece of Tupperware, let the foam sit above the container about a half inch.

Decorate the Vase

Next fill the vase with your candy.  You can mix the red and white candy randomly in the vase or place it in layers for a candy cane effect.  When it is about half full place the cup with foam insiders make sure it will fit right.  I like to place a small plastic bag around the cup before i set it in for extra insurance against the candy getting wet.  Continue filling the vase with candy until the cup is completely covered, but the candy is not spilling inside.  Next take your flowers Take your flowers, this is easiest with large full blooms, and press the stems into the foam one at a time.  Create a dome shape with the flowers leaving no space in between.  The flowers will most likely need to be cut to size first.  Cutting the stems at an angle enables them to be more easily stuck into the foam.  The first ring of flowers should begin right outside the rim of the base experiment a little bit as you go to get just the right height.

Step back and look at your arrangement fix anything that does not look right.  Also if the top of your foam is visible behind the candy a bit of ribbon tied around the vase will cover that up easily. 

Give as a Christmas Gift

Displaying your flower arrangement is easy.  You can use it as a centerpiece on a breakfast table, or set it on small table by the front door.  Small versions of this arrangement make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, and coworkers.

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