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Video:How to Blow Up Balloons

with Jacob Taxis

Balloons are a must for decorating almost any party, but it can be taxing to blow up a lot of them. This video will teach you the proper method for blowing up balloons.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Blow Up Balloons

Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video, you will learn how to blow up a balloon.

Prepare Balloon for Inflation

First, stretch the pre-inflated balloon with both hands in a few different directions. This helps to expand the material and prepare it for easier inflation.

Next, place the opening or collar of the balloon in your mouth and hold it there with your lips, not your teeth. Place the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand about an inch away from the opening and pinch slightly. In the unlikely event that the balloon would pop in your face, your hand will help protect your eyes.

Grab the closed end of the balloon with your other hand, pinching firmly with your index finger and thumb. Gently stretch the balloon out so that it is parallel to the floor and hold it in that position.

Begin Blowing Up Balloon

Take a deep breath through your nose and gently force the air from your mouth directly into the opening of the balloon. To avoid the danger of inhaling the balloon itself, do not breathe in with your mouth before inflating a balloon. Be sure to keep your cheeks taut. If you can't keep your cheeks from filling with air, you're blowing too hard and placing unnecessary pressure on your head.

If all goes well, a small air bubble will form inside the balloon. When this happens, pinch the balloon closed with your dominant hand and remove the balloon from your mouth. Take a few calm breaths before placing the collar of the balloon back between your lips.

Tie Balloon Off Once Full

Take a deep breath through your nose, gently release your fingers, and steadily blow air into the balloon. When the balloon resembles a water drop, it's fully inflated. If your balloon looks like a pear, you've put too much air into it. When properly inflated, pinch the balloon closed and remove it from your mouth.

Tie the balloon closed at its opening by wrapping the end around the index finger and middle finger of your dominant hand. Then, with your non-dominant hand, pull the collar of the balloon through the opening in between your two fingers.

Prepare Balloons for Decorating

Your balloon is ready for the party. Take a few steady breaths before inflating another one.

To keep the balloons inflated longer, lightly spray the outside of each balloon with hairspray and store them in a large plastic bag until they're needed. Keep them away from bright lights as excessive heat can weaken the balloons, causing them to deflate more quickly.

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