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Video:Baby Booties and Rattle Shower Cake

with Elizabeth LaBau

Homemade cakes add a special touch to baby showers. Learn how to make a rattle and baby booties out of fondant for this unique baby shower cake.See Transcript

Transcript:Baby Booties and Rattle Shower Cake

Rattle and Booties Cake Ingredients

To make this cake, you'll need:
  • A cake covered in buttercream or fondant
  • About 1 pound of fondant
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Two pastry wheels, one fluted and one straight
  • Two round pastry tips, one large and one small
  • A plastic straw
  • A small paintbrush
  • A rolling pin
  • And some thin ribbon

Color the Fondant

First we need to color the fondant. Divide it in half and color approximately half of it the color you want your booties. In this case, I've decided to make mine blue. To color fondant, it's easiest if you press your fondant into a disc and put several drops of food coloring in the middle, then fold it over itself and knead it together until the color is even. If it gets sticky, dust your hands with a little powdered sugar.

Color most of the remaining fondant the color you want your rattle—I've decided to make mine yellow. You can leave the rest of the fondant white or it additional colors to use as accents.

Form the Baby Booties

We'll make the booties first. Working with half of the fondant at a time, take a piece the size of a small lemon and shape it into an oval, working it until it is smooth. Now take a piece about half that size, and roll it into a rectangle about 1/4-inch thick. A lot of this shaping process is just trial and error. Wrap it around the back of your bootie to check the sizing. Mine seems too long and also too tall, so I'm going to take a pastry wheel and trim the sides and the top, adding a little curve at the top edges. Continue to trim and keep fitting the back onto the oval until you get a wraparound piece that looks like an actual shoe. That should do it.

Fold the fondant over on itself, take your small pastry tip, and cut two holes out of each side to thread the ribbon through.Brush the back of the oval with water, then press the strip of fondant firmly against it to glue it on. You can crimp the top of the bootie with a paintbrush to give it a little style, if you want. Thread some thin ribbon through the holes, being careful not to pull too hard and break the fondant. Once your first bootie is finished, form the second one in the same way so you have a matching pair.

Make the Fondant Rattle

Now let's make the rattle. Take some of your fondant and roll it into a ball about the size of a golf ball. This is the top of the rattle. Now make a ball about half that size—this will be the bottom.To make the part that joins them in the middle, we'll use the plastic straw. Decide how long you want your rattle to be, then cut the straw about an inch longer than that. Roll some of the fondant into a thin sheet, and roll it around the straw. Brush a little water onto one edge of the fondant sheet, press it together so the edge is sealed, and trim off the excess fondant.Use scissors or a knife to trim about 1/2 inch of excess fondant off each end of the straw, then push the ends into the top and bottom of the rattle until they are secure. The last step is to decorate the rattle, using your other fondant colors. Roll it out thinly, and use the fluted wheel to cut strips out of the fondant, and use a piping tip to cut out small dots. Brush the back of the fondant strip with water, then wind it around the top of the rattle. Glue your dots to the rattle this same way. If you want, you can add a second color of decorations. I decided to wind a thin white strip of fondant around, just to make it pop.

Arrange the Baby Shower Cake

Once all of your fondant decorations are finished, the last thing to do is place them on the cake. You can glue them on with water or buttercream, or if you're not going to be transporting it, just place them on top, you can see I have plenty of room to write a name or a message, but even without that, the cake looks great.
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